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Ignite Your Life Summer Teleseminar Series

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Has The Light Dimmed In Your Life?

•Your life feels empty and void

•You feel like you live for everyone else,
but yourself

•You are seeking a change,
but feel as if God has nothing for you

•You are in the midst of emotional turmoil
and you can’t figure out how to get your emotions under control

•You are in the midst of a storm and you can’t quite figure out
how God will bring you through it

•You just want something more or different
Then it is time to ignite the flames in your life with Biblical living principles!

 Ignite Your Life Summer Teleseminar Series

Every Thursday
* starting July 8th for 7 weeks

9pm EST/8pm CST/6:00pm PST

Here is a week-by week synopsis:

Week 1: Building Christ-Esteem – In the very first session of the Ignite Your Life we will cover ways to build esteem that is not conceited but spiritually driven with Christ at the helm. Confidence is important when you are living for Christ and more forward with your God-given purpose in life.

Week 2: Negative Meltdown – This week is all about dealing with the things we say to ourself or that we allow others to say that are counter-productive to our existence. When we think negative or allow negativity to become a part of your daily environment we miss out the fullness of abundant living.

Week 3: A Christ Conscious Lifestyle – This very important week will cover how to develop and maintain a Christ Conscious lifestyle. A Christ conscious lifestyle removes the worldly lifestyle and replaces it with things that are seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

Week 4: A Truly Authentic View of You – Who else knows you better than God. This week we will get a closer look at Psalm 139 and other scriptures to help you discover the unique being God created you to be.

Week 5: Emotional Warfare – This week we are going to fight the enemy and learn how to become emotionally healthy. Satan knows that as long as we are emotional off balanced we are not going to be able to properly fulfill the call on our lives. Together we will work on getting you one the road to emotional health!

Week 6: Body Divine – Just what does God expect of us from a physical standpoint? How important is our body to God? What do we do to our bodies to dishonor God. We will cover these questions and more as you learn about the importance of a body that honors God.

Week 7: A Complete View – This week you will create your map based on what you have learned about yourself during the Ignite Your Life Summer Teleseminar Series.
It Is All About GOD
And How By Using A Few
Practical Biblical Living Keys
You Can Ignite Your Life!
Are you ready to ignite your life with God?
(c)  LaTara Ham-Ying - Biblical Lifestyle Coach 
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