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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Acting One Way at Church, and Another at Home

I’m quite sure everyone knows at least one person
who does something along these lines.
Like they curse at home, but don’t curse in the church.
They go partying every Saturday night, get drunk,
and manage to get up Sunday morning and make it to church.
They will fight with people as long as
they think they can get their way,
but smile at those same people on Sunday.
They can mess with every guy or girl in town,
but on Sunday they’re jumping up and down
thinking everyone don’t know what they truly do.
Believe me, I’ve seen it all.

Have you ever felt like people act differently
toward you at church than outside of church?

Do you think you've been guilty of this?

What can we do to be consistently projecting the love of Christ?

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