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Women Entrepreneurs are going “Back-to-School”

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I am ready to LEARN! I just love the “back-to-school” feeling. I love the fall season. I love the warm rich colors and the pumpkin spice lattes. I love the change in the air. And I love the fresh start.

As a Christian female entrepreneur, I love to learn. It is the reason that I launched the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs. We are in a perpetual learning environment. We have new classes to attend and resources to download. As a female entrepreneur, when WE have a rare moment in time, you will often find us out learning about our trade or business. We are a learning bunch and we really don’t like to let much grass grow under us! We keep moving and we tend to move fast.

The fabulous part about being a grown-up woman and a woman in business is that we can create our own syllabus or agenda. Remember all of those required classes we had in school? That math class? Now we can put ourselves back into the classes of our choosing. This makes so much sense to the female entrepreneur as we develop into each phase of learning. The things I am ready to learn now are much different than 2 years ago or 5 years ago when I first launched my business. God keeps expanding our territory to open our mind and let new concepts in.

This year I have learned about:

· Writing a book and self-publishing

· Creating and launching an association

· Delegating to a virtual team

What have you learned so far in 2010?

Do you look at the world through learning glasses? Where do you find inspiration to keep moving forward as a Christian female entrepreneur?

Sometimes we forget how much we already know. We have a lot of “intellectual property” already. So now it is time to start using it to create profit centers. We have to stay inspired, motivated, and relevant to our clients and customers. We are trailblazers and rebels!

3 Ways to stay RELEVANT in your entrepreneurial venture:

Tip #1: Get dirty! Go play on the play ground with your friends. Get into the mix of things and stop sitting on the bench waiting for your name to be called.

Tip #2: Get smart! Read the books, attend the class, listen to the teacher. Don’t play hooky and expect to get an A in the class. Do the extra credit instead, and stay after class.

Tip #3: Get hungry! Bring a snack, each your breakfast, and don’t skip lunch. We have to keep ourselves fueled for the day and can’t do it with no gas in the tank. Fuel your tank with prayer, friends, rest, laughter, food, exercise, and play time.

Go back to school…..I’ll meet you on the playground!

Want To Use This Article In Your Ezine or Website? You have my permission, as long as you include this complete blurb with it:

Diane Cunningham is the CEO of Diane Cunningham Companies LLC and the president and founder of the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs (www.nacwe.org). Under the same umbrella she is also the owner of the high-level coaching and consulting company DianeCunningham.com where she coaches clients to get their own breakthrough. You can visit Diane, access her free report, and stay connected through www.dianecunningham.com. Diane lives in Texas with her husband and her furry child.

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