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Are You Playing "trick or treat" With Your Eternal Soul?

Sunday, October 31, 2010

While many people debate whether or not it is acceptable for children
 to go "trick or treating," there is one thing that there is no doubt about.

Too many adults continue to play
"trick or treat" with their eternal soul.

When it comes to "trick or treat,"
there is one who is all about tricking everyone he can.
He goes about, attempting to trick and deceive everyone
 – even those who look to Christ
(Mark 13:22; Matthew 24:24; Revelation 20:10).

However, there is One who has no deceit, and no desire to trick.
 Rather, His method is to go and do good, bring blessing
and "treat" to all who trust in Him (Acts 10:38).

Children across America may be "trick or treating" on Sunday evening. But on Sunday morning at WFA, we will be looking at the REAL trick or treating going on in the lives of everyone!

Don't miss this Sunday – it's time for "Trick or Treat."

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