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FREE Christian Fitness Tele-Seminar

Monday, October 25, 2010

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Taking Back "the Temple" - your body!

Laurette Willis, "The Christian Fitness Expert"

Tuesday, October 26th

8 pm EST

In this FREE teleseminar class, you will learn:

Biblical Foundations to Longevity. How old is old anyway? What does the Bible say about living long and strong? Did you know the Bible specifically talks about the Secret to the Fountain of Youth?

The 7 Routines -- Discover Dani's Seven Simple Routines that can Better Your Health and Fitness Level Starting Today.

What is the Circle of Health? Learn how each area of your life influences another. Learn how to stop your body from bossing you around.

Can "Toxic Thoughts" Affect How We Age? What did Dani learn about the attitude and thought processes of these Centenarians? What does the Latest Brain Research have to say about Controlling our Thought Life? Once Again, Science is Backed up Bible!

It is NEVER "Too Late" to Make a Change. No matter what your age or physical condition, you can make a positive change for the better and "Make the Rest of Your Life the BEST of Your Life!" starting right now.

"Beloved I wish above all things
that you would prosper and be in health,
even as your soul prospers. "
~ 3 John 2


Laurette Willis said...

Dear Karla - THANK YOU for letting your readers know about the upcoming Christian Fitness Teleseminar! It will continue to be held monthly (November's will focus on Hormonal Health).

I appreciate your support. Thank you for being one who let's her light shine!

Praise moves God...deeply. So, keep praising the Lord!

Karla Meachem said...


You're welcome!!! WOW, that's great news that the calls will be held monthly - excellent topic in November!!! Thanx for letting us know! :)

Keep moving forward with Christ!!!