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How to Quit Whining and Create the Life You Really Want in 365 Days

Friday, October 22, 2010

Are you tired of dealing with all the stress and challenges that have become part of your normal life? Maybe it's all become so familiar that you don't even realize it's slowly killing you from the inside out. Do you like what you're experiencing?
What if you could have a new normal in 365 days?
Most likely you have a willingness to tolerate things that are less than what you truly want. You have learned to deal with that which is lifeless, passionless, and loveless in order to make it through life...and you do your best to call it happiness
My friend, Hendre Coetzee, asks, "What are you tolerating? Show me the place in your life where you're putting up with something, and I'll show you the spot you've chosen not to participate. You've decided to quit!"
  • Have you quit in your relationship even though you're still together?
  • Have you quit dreaming about the possibility of getting paid to live out your life passions?
  • Have you quit taking care of your physical health?
  • Have you quit cultivating creativity and playfulness in your life?
If you feel stuck or simply long for more in this life,
It's designed to help you stop whining and create the life you truly long for in 365 days. That may sound like a long time, but I guarantee you that your life can be radically different on this day next year if you're willing to get intentional about your 'new normal.'

Are you courageous enough to take a peek
and see if life could be different 365 days from now?

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