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HUGE, Last Minute Outrageous Opportunity!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

ANYONE that signs up for
a new membership in NACWE
by midnight October 31st
will receive the
Inspired Business Toolkit
(a $247 value!!!) for FREE!!!

Diane designed the Inspired Business Toolkit for one purpose,
and one purpose only: to help talented women entrepreneurs
conquer their marketing fears and take smart steps
 to build thriving businesses.

I am a Christian, and I coach from a Christian foundation.
The Inspired Business Toolkit has lots of God talk
and scriptures throughout. My business would not
have survived without having God right in the middle of it.

 ~  Diane Cunningham

The Inspired Business Toolkit has 10 chapters full of content,
templates, checklists, and real case studies from my clients

It is 225 pages full of ideas, resources, and real life experience. 
Yes, 225 pages!
Want a sneak peek?

-  3 warnings about life as an entrepreneur
-  Weekly Review
-  Connections quiz
-  34 Free, Cheap, and Easy Ideas for Marketing!
-  Self-sabotage quiz
-  Opportunity list
-  Plus 37 other forms, templates or checklists
-  All of this plus articles and resources too!


If you are looking for a
success manual
to create the business
of your dreams
 ~ this is it!!!

Visit NACWE to find out more information about The Inspired Business Toolkit
and membership at the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs.

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