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Come to Church, but Leave Your Hurts at Home?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Awhile back, a blogging friend of mine, Dionna Sanchez wrote an article on her blog
entitled, 'We Are Failing Each Other.'  Her post was inspired by a conversation with a friend about how hard it is for people to come to church with their hurts.  And how in reality, it is easier to put on the mask of 'doing well' despite the fact that your heart is breaking and you are struggling in one area or another.

Dionna raises some excellent questions:

When did the church become a place that we feel we have to be perfect?

Isn't that the place where God wants us to come & truly be ourselves?

Isn't that the place out of everywhere that we should be able to come & feel free to lay our hurts, mistakes & struggles down and get the encouragement & guidance we seek & truly need?

Why is it that we feel that we will be a burden on others if we simply get honest with how life is at this particuliar point in time?

Whether it's unfair or our own doing, we should be able to count on one another.

Grace and mercy.  Where are they?

God's Word states that He will never leave us or forsake us... 

 Why do SO many Christians feel that the CHURCH HAS  FAILED THEM
at the times in their lives when they have NEEDED THE CHURCH THE MOST?

Simply put ~ we are failing one another...
read the COMPLETE article

Dionna has a challenge for everyone...
be sure to leave a comment on her post & let her know if you are up for it.  :)

Special thanks to Dionna for the privilege of sharing your heart on my website. 
I believe you have raised a very important question
that all Christians should take very seriously. 
I hope & pray that my faithful friends will RISE UP to your challenge. 

I, for one, have always been ready for this challenge...
I have always wondered why there isn't more transparency in our churches. 

Jesus came to heal & set the captives FREE!
 The Church (God's people) should be the 1st place 
that we are able to take our wounded soul. 
 We know the HEALER!!! 

~ Karla Meachem


Reminds me of the song, Healer by Kari Jobe...enJOY!!!
Be encouraged!!!


1 comment:

Dionna said...

Maybe we can start a different movement in our churches. :) Hugs - Karla.