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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Empowering Christian Women
 is pleased to announce their
1st contest!!!

You could win your very own copy of
 Glaen by Fred Lybrand!!!

Author Fred Lybrand takes an in-depth look into relationships and dating, plus a little common sense for the real day-to-day world, in his latest book, Glaen. Having spent more than twenty-four years as a pastor, Lybrand is deeply involved in caring for people, and he wants others to know the freedom that can be found in relating to others truthfully and without pretense.

Glaen introduces the character of Annie Hughes just as she suffers the loss of one of life’s foundational relationships—her parents’ marriage. As a graduate student, Annie suddenly finds herself at a loss to understand how any relationship finds and maintains lifetime staying power, especially a relationship as intimate as marriage.

Lybrand’s character development of Annie Hughes allows him to outline several foundational truths. Using Annie’s “research” and “journal” entries as the vehicle to present thought-provoking ideas to the reader, Lybrand first uncovers the lies of a secular world-view and then counters those lies with the truth of God’s design for the marriage relationship. These observations are made even clearer as the reader observes Annie’s interaction with other couples and friends who are in the process of dating and considering marriage. As she questions her friends’ choices, she also takes an honest look at the relationships she is developing within her own life.

Annie’s discoveries are both simple and profound, and TRUTH itself proves to be the foundation upon which all relationships hinge. The discovery that truth can ONLY operate EFFECTIVELY within a relationship when people relate to one another WITHOUT pretense and unrealistic expectations proves to be life-changing for the characters in many ways. 

The life changing principles found in Glaen are the gems Lybrand wants readers to take from the story and experience in their own lives and relationships. Thus, Glaen is a book that demands a second reading, as those who read its story will want to go through it again and highlight and examine the truths Annie uncovers throughout her journey. This book will serve as a great teaching tool for parents to use with their children as well as for church leaders guiding couples who are seeking a more satisfying marriage relationship. 

Glaen by Fred R. Lybrand
The Barnabas Agency   February 2010
ISBN: 978-0-578-04652-5/softcover/171 pages/$14.99

 Audra Jennings and The B & B Media Group
for providing Empowering Christian Women with  
2 complimentary copies of Glaen
~ one to keep & one to giveaway to my faithful friends!!!

Want to win your own copy of Glaen?
All you need to do to enter is:
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 ~ EASY!!!

* Contest closes November 19th, 2010

Winner will be notified by email on November 20th, 2010

Open to U.S. & CDN residents

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Unknown said...

Count me in! This book sounds like something VERY useful!LOL

Treasia Stepp said...

Please count me on this awesome contest.

Heidi_TimRoberts said...

Please include me - this is wonderful!

Unknown said...

Sounds like an awesome book....I could so use the help!

K.A. Huffman said...

The simplest things in life are the best! This book would be simply the best to win! Enjoying the CHRISTmas radio online. Thanks

K.A.Huffman said...

This book would simply be the best to win. The simplest things in life are the best!

Judi Reid said...

"...truth can ONLY operate EFFECTIVELY within a relationship when people relate to one another WITHOUT pretense and unrealistic expectations." This is absolutely true! Glaen looks like a life-changing book.