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Live Like a Lioness; Change the World!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lisa Bevere encourages women
to embrace their inner lionesses

In her latest book, Lioness Arising: Wake Up and Change Your World, Bevere offers the sleek, powerful image of the lioness as a model for a strong, capable woman. Through the unique representation of the lioness, personal stories and biblical references, Bevere aims to help women awaken their instinctual strengths and challenges readers to let their inner lioness arise.

“More and more, the consensus of global studies points to gender equality as the missing link to stem the tide of world poverty and even terrorism,” Bevere says. “I’m always awed when our human wisdom points us back to what God has said all along. Long before there was ever a world problem, there was a world answer: woman.”
Bevere says Eve was the solution to solve “man’s being alone” and describes how women were not an afterthought, but an answer. By paralleling the lioness to women, Bevere creatively and thoughtfully encourages women to realize they are being called to something more.
Lioness Arising dares women to offer solutions to world problems by lending a voice to those silenced by injustice, ferociously protecting families, fiercely advocating for the world’s children and nurturing hurting women.

“God is not looking for people who act like Christians.
He wants us to be Christians. 

 We must wake up, remember who we are
and confront the evil in this world with light.”

 ~ Lisa Bevere

LISA BEVERE is an international speaker who empowers women to live fearless and purposeful lives. She is the bestselling author of Fight Like a Girl: The Power of Being a Woman (FaithWords, 2006), Nurture: Give What You Need to Flourish (FaithWords, 2008) and Kissed the Girls and Made Them Cry (Thomas Nelson, 2002), among others. She is the co-host of the television program “The Messenger,” which airs in more than 200 countries. She is a frequent guest on Joyce Meyer’s “Enjoying Everyday Life,” “LIFE Today with James & Betty Robison,” and Daystar’s “Celebration” and “Joni” programs.  Bevere and her husband John, also a bestselling author and speaker, are the founders of Messenger International (www.MessengerInternational.org), a Colorado Springs-based ministry for 20 years that now has offices in the United Kingdom and Australia. Pearl Alliance is an outreach branch of Messenger International (www.PearlAlliance.org).

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