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The Gift of the Gospel ~ Your Chance to Enter the Drawing for a Ron DiCianni Print

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Simeon's Moment

Description of Simeon's Moment

To hold the Son of God in your arms has to be an awesome experience!
For Simeon it was indeed the moment of a lifetime
 as it showed the fulfillment of God’s promise to him and to the world.
Simeon’s Moment speaks to the joy and elation
that Simeon must have felt at seeing that prophecy fulfilled.
 As the Michael Card song so beautifully describes in words
and this painting so powerfully displays,
this is the moment that Simeon had lived his life for.
~  Luke 2:21-35

Keep reading for contest information below!

Are you looking for a special gift
to give this CHRISTmas?

There is no gift more special and meaningful than the gift of the Gospel. Tapestry Productions Inc. (TPI) realizes this, and each work of art from the artists they represent is created for the sole purpose of communicating the Gospel message and the love and forgiveness of God with unapologetic boldness to a visual and greatly hurting world.

What would it have been like to hold the infant Jesus, the incarnation of God, for the very first time? Would you be forever changed to have been present at the Crucifixion? The stunning and heart-transforming artwork of award-winning artist Ron DiCianni (Tapestry Productions’ featured artist) is bringing these very images to life before the eyes of viewers across the globe and the life-changing impact is undeniable. 

In the Wilderness
The Cross

Through fine art reproductions, Christian artwork, biblical prints, calendars, and books of the highest quality, TPI is ministering to families, individuals, and churches with the Gospel of Jesus Christ—a message that Christ lived, died that we may know redemption, and will return, and that this truth impacts our lives every day—all in visual form. Each work is of the highest artistic quality and skill but is intended for purposes far beyond decoration. Rather, every piece of exquisite art uses arguably the most powerful medium of communication—the visual—to tell the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world, transcending cultures, languages, backgrounds, and denominations like no other form of media can.

TPI artist Ron DiCianni has focused his career for the past twenty years on the Gospel message. While some may not immediately recognize the name, they do recognize his art. Others see his awe-inspiring pieces and are surprised that they have not encountered them before. The powerful images evoke so great an emotion that those who view DiCianni’s pieces do not simply want a reproduction; they suddenly recognize that they need it in order to share with others. Tapestry believes that a print sold is a life touched and their goal is to create an awareness of their art so that more lives can be touched by the Gospel message.

Spiritual Warfare
 I've ALWAYS been a fan of Ron DiCianni's prints; 
My favorite print is 'Spiritual Warfare'.
My heart always melts when I see
a father interceding on behalf of  his child.
A great reminder of how Jesus
intercedes to the Father on our behalf.
~ Karla Meachem

Help us spread the word
about Tapestry Productions!

If you post about Tapestry Productions and send Audra your link,
 you will be entered into a drawing for a
medium-sized, framed print of Simeon’s Moment (see above).

In your post, be sure to include the Tapestry Productions web address
 and personalize your post by letting your readers know which print is your favorite.
 Encourage your readers to share the information on their blog too 
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All links MUST be received by DECEMBER 3rd,
so that the winner can receive their print in time for Christmas!

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Visit them on the web at http://www.tbbmedia.com/

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