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{EXPIRED} FREE Kindle Edition of 'The One Year Devotions for Couples'

Sunday, January 30, 2011

FREE Kindle Edition of
The One Year Devotions for Couples

Product Description

The 365 meditations in this couples' devotional are arranged around 52 themes one theme for each week of the year such as affection, compassion, forgiveness, honor, leadership, mercy, respect, security, trust, and understanding. Scripture passages, real-life stories, prayers, and daily challenge questions give couples a dose of truth, encouragement, and direction to strengthen their marriages. Husbands and wives will learn to give and receive love in a whole new way.
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that allow you to read it on your PC, as well as other electronic devices.
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achildoftheking said...

Thanks Karla. I got two of the books. You're wealth of information. I appreciate you. =-)

Karla Meachem said...

You're welcome! So glad you enJOY the information I share!

I have only been collecting Kindle books for awhile now; I love adding new reads to my collection! For now, I am just reading them on my laptop; but I am hoping to have a new Kindle by summer for at the lake...would be so convenient for travelling!

I appreciate your feedback; thank you for taking the time to comment!