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I Dare You Change!

Monday, January 17, 2011


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Why can't I ever get ahead?

Why do I always have to settle for less than I planned?

Most of us have asked ourselves these questions at one time or another. Pastor Bil Cornelius firmly believes that everyone wants to do better, live better, and to be a better person but we find it difficult to sustain a life of peace and fulfillment.

 A no-holds-barred motivational action plan that
shows you how to take charge of your life
and find God's best for you!!!

'I Dare You to Change' book trailer

In I Dare You to Change! Pastor Cornelius explains in his trademark winning style how to live the life that God has planned for us. In this inspiring and biblically oriented book, he shows us the difference between dreaming of a better life and actually living one. Using the story of Gideon from the book of Judges, he shows you how to re-imagine life and to understand the steps that you need to take each day to make it happen.

Interview with Pastor Bil Cornelius 

What was your inspiration when writing your new book,
I Dare You To Change?

My inspiration was actually a desperation to change myself. All of us have areas we need to change, yet few make the changes they want. Making this even worse is the fact that those who do change, when asked, give us a humble platitude for how they did it like, “well, I’m just lucky,” or “you know, God is just good to me.” Those are both true for the changed individual, but I guarantee they also had a plan in place and they worked their plan. I wanted to take the mystery out of life change without taking the miracle out with it.

Why do you think God places promises
beyond a person’s current reach?

God is interested in our growth more than our comfort. One of the biggest reasons why God gives us dreams bigger than our abilities, is so we have to depend upon Him for their accomplishment. Another phrase I use often is people use people to get tasks done, but God uses tasks to get people done! He gives you an assignment bigger than you are for one reason only…to grow you.

You write that encouragement is important.
Who has been your greatest encourager?

My greatest encouragers vary, but the most consistent are the Holy Spirit, the Bible, and my wife Jessica. My time with God keeps me going, and when I’m stuck, nothing can replace a loving example and encouraging word that comes from my closest friend in the universe, Jessica. She always knows just what to say when I need it.

How can a person protect herself/himself
from slipping back into old habits?

The best protection from moving backwards is to always be moving forwards! This is why setting new goals is a continuing process…or as the Bible says, we go from glory to glory! Accountability is important as well as a strong routine, but nothing takes the place of forward movement!

What has been the most difficult change for you?

The toughest change has been the acceptance that my time is limited. I can’t speak at every event, nor can I be available to everyone anymore. The price for God opportunities is to quit committing to good opportunities. God has a “best will” versus a “good will.” Limiting my schedule to the absolute highest uses of my time has transformed my life, family, and ministry. This will move you from success to significance, and it is worth it!

How does someone go about changing their life
when they feel so overwhelmed?

The first step when wanting to change something in your life, especially if overwhelmed, is to pray, and break it down into bite-size chunks of change. The prayer part is obvious, but most people don’t do it. Prayer releases God’s confidence in you, so you have the vision and power from God to move forward. What comes next is a good strategy: if something is overwhelming you, it’s typically because we are thinking of changing everything at once (or one really large change) rather than breaking into a series of smaller changes. You may not be able to own a high rise in New York City, but you can buy a small fixer-upper home, work on it, get it rented, then do it again. If you are consistent enough with this, then within a few years you can sell it, take your profits and reinvest them into a 4 to 6 unit. Sell this a few years later, and you can invest into a 15 to 20 unit. Sell this a few years later and reinvest into a small office building. Sell this…you get the point. It’s all about taking baby steps first. Another angle is if you want to lose 50 pounds, lost 5 first and keep going.

How did it feel when God fulfilled one of His major promises to you?

Accomplishing something great with God’s help is exhilarating! It’s also addictive in a very good way!  God wants us to get hooked on His will by moving into a place so far ahead of where we ever dreamed, that we are in “promise land” territory beyond our abilities.

Pastor Bil Cornelius’s Bio:

Bil Cornelius is the lead Pastor of Bay Area Fellowship, which is one of Outreach Magazine’s Top 100 fastest-growing and largest churches. Bil's life calling has been to create a movement that is reaching into the lives of the lost and unchurched of the next generation and beyond. In 2008 Bil took his teaching to television and launched Bil Cornelius Ministries. By the end of 2009, the program expanded worldwide through Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), Daystar, The Church Channel and ABC Family and is currently reaching millions across the globe. Bil travels around the country speaking and consulting on church health and growth. In 2004, Bil received the Purpose-Driven Health Award, from Rick Warren of Saddleback Church. Bil thrives on helping people reach their full potential in Christ and taking the limits off their life.

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