Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Last night 21,613 people jammed onto the
 "Unplanned" webcast to hear former
Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson
reveal what she experienced inside the abortion business
 -- and why she resigned her job and joined the pro-LIFE movement.

If you missed the webcast, you can watch it here:

The webcast served as a sneak preview for TODAY'S
release of Abby's tell-all book, "Unplanned," which
is being published in an historic arrangement between
Tyndale House, Focus on the Family, and Ignatius
Press, and endorsed by dozens of prominent leaders
and respected organizations.

FREE PDF download of Chapter 1 of "Unplanned,"

You won't be the same after reading this chapter!

Now, go grab copies of "Unplanned" for yourself,
friends, family members, people at church,
and other pro-lifers at:

Please purchase TODAY, if at all possible, so
it counts toward DAY ONE totals.

Let's make this a tipping point moment in our efforts to end abortion!

(c)  Shawn Carney - Campaign Director for 40 Days for Life

The next 40 Days for Life campaign will be conducted from March 9 - April 17. Many people have asked when their city can apply to participate in that campaign. The answer: starting next Monday, January 17!  Please subscribe to their newsletter  to stay informed.

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