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{EXPIRED} FREE Kindle Edition of 'The Simple Dollar'

Monday, March 21, 2011

FREE Kindle Edition of
The Simple Dollar

* Available ONLY for a Limited Time

"Debt is slavery." 
Michael Mihalik ( financial writer)

Product Description

Struggling with debt?

Frustrated about work?

Just not satisfied with life?

The Simple Dollar can change your life.

Trent Hamm found himself drowning in consumer debt, working in a job he couldn’t stand… and figured out how to escape that debt and build the fulfilling career he’d always dreamt about, all at the same time.

Hamm shared his experiences at TheSimpleDollar.com — and built it into one of America’s top personal finance websites. Now, The Simple Dollar is a book: packed with practical tips, tools, and lessons you can use to transform your life, too.

This isn’t just “another” personal finance book: it’s profoundly motivating, empowering, practical, and 100% grounded in today’s American realities. Trent Hamm will show you how to rewrite the rules, creating healthier relationships with money… and with your loved ones, too. With his help, you can get out of debt, start moving forward, and build the strong personal community that offers true happiness—no matter what happens to the economy. (c) Amazon.com

to download your FREE copy!

If you don't own a Kindle, you can still download this free copy!

All you need to do is visit the link for the book
& download the necessary app (see right side of page)
 so that you can read the book on your PC or other mobile device.

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