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FREE Signed Copy of 'DETOX for the Overly Religious'

Monday, March 07, 2011

Product Description

Over time, Christian people can run the risk of becoming “too religious”—too wrapped up in programmatic church activities and less focused on Christ alone. In response, David Putman (Breaking the Missional Code) has written a new book detailing twenty-one ways to reinstate the centrality of Jesus into our daily lives. Divided into three action-ready topical areas (Live like Jesus, Love like Jesus, Leave What Jesus Left Behind), Putman offers what he calls “detox for the overly religious.” Here is a chance for you, your small group, or your entire church to lose religion and rediscover Jesus—simple and yet profound, and all we really need.

You are invited to join David Putman for a

Part of David's RELIGIOUS DETOX will include:

* Daily time with God where he reads through the Gospel of Matthew.

* Daily prayer “Show me your way”

* Read a chapter a day in Detox for the Overly Religious.

* Focus on paying attention to how religion
can rob us of the life Jesus intended us to experience.

Want to participate in the 
 to find out how to snag your FREE copy.
*  David is shipping out the books on March 9th, 2011.

DETOX begins March 15th, 2011

(c) David Putman - http://davidputmanlive.com/
~ author of DETOX...for the Overly Religious
Rediscovering the Simplicity of Jesus

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