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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Want to save money for your family?

Join Melissa Jennings and Shelley King-Steimer from Stockpiling Moms,
a family-friendly blog dedicated to helping families
 save money & stretch their budget.

Stockpiling Moms features deals, recipes, menu planning,
family fun activities, as well as many topics that
make household management easier.

Visit Stockpiling Moms!

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Are you new to stockpiling?

Want to learn how to save thousands of dollars per year?

The Stockpiling 101 Series includes:

*  What is a Stockpile?

*  How Do You Build a Stockpile?

*  How to Use the Freezer to Stockpile?

*  Monthly Menu Planning

*  Collecting Your Coupons

*  Create a Junk Email Account

*  Understanding the Sales Cycle

*  Organizing Your Coupons

*  Coupon Organization - How Do I Sort & File?

*  Coupon Lingo

*  Matching Your Coupons

*  Overage

*  How to Create a Price Book

*  Rainchecks

*  What is a Catalina?

*  Stockpiling for the Holidays

*  Foodsaver & Stockpiling

*  Bar Codes & Correct Use

*  Entertaining Your Children on a Coupon Run

*  Brands and Product Size

*  Organizing Your Stockpile

*  Inventory Your Stockpile

*  Filing Complaints with Corporate

*  Stockpiling for Emergencies

*  Understanding Coupons

*  Stockpiling with Little Storage

*  Store Policies

Visit the Stockpiling 101 Series to learn more.

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Stockpiling Mom said...

Thanks so much!

Melissa and Shelley

Karla Meachem said...

You're welcome! :)

Thank you for being an excellent resource for our faithful friends!