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Dancing Upon Barren Land

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Most women from the time they are little girls
dream of having children of their own
and becoming ‘mommy’ some day.

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BUT, a childhood dream is shattered
and the bite of reality stings
when the desire for children
doesn’t come quickly, or at all.

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Meet Lesli Westfall,
founder of Dancing Upon Barren Land

Unfortunately, Lesli is no stranger to infertility. She has experienced the gamut of feelings, asking God endless questions, felt the prodding of doctors and stinging disappointments for over a decade now.

Through Lesli's own journey of infertility,
Dancing Upon Barren Land was birthed. 

addresses those needs through a Christian online support ministry,
whether they are new in their faith in Christ or seasoned believers.

The ministry’s mission is to inspire belief through Jesus Christ
that there is an expected end to the road of barrenness.

The monthly disappointments can be turned into God appointments.

Lesli’s desire is for you to enjoy this moment in life,
even though you are not yet gazing into the eyes
 of your newborn or embracing your adopted son or daughter.
She wants you to learn how to Dance Upon Barren Land!

One devotional that I would like to highlight from Lesli's site is
A Perfect Window  - love the analogy & perspective!!!

Even those who do not struggle with infertility will be encouraged.

(c)  Dancing on Barren Land - http://dancinguponbarrenland.com/

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