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Sermon Series: Mr. & Mrs. Betterhalf

Saturday, May 14, 2011

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Mr. & Mrs. Betterhalf
This is not a marriage series. This is a hope-inspiring, life-giving story about relationships. This is a story of love - love had and love hoped for. But the story is not over. The characters are still being developed. There are still chapters to be written. How to win a woman. How to keep a man. This is the story of Mr. & Mrs. Betterhalf.

Part 1: The Royal Marriage ~ Steven Furtick

Part 2: You Be Jesus; Let God be God ~ Holly Furtick

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 I specifically want to direct your attention to
Part 2:  You Be Jesus; Let God Be God by Holly Furtick.
 Holly will complete a recap of Part 1 before she shares her heart in Part 2.

Get ready to be challenged!!!

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