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{Expired} ~ FREE Kindle Edition ~ 'The End of Religion'

Monday, September 19, 2011

FREE Kindle Edition

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Throughout the history of our world, religion has been a
contentious concept. Battles have been launched, people killed, and
judgments proclaimed all in the name of fervent beliefs. Even today, strife
rages around the world as groups insist they represent God's true
intentions. But what if God himself has no interest in religion?

Author Bruxy Cavey asserts that Christ came to earth not to create a new
religion but to destroy the very idea. To permanently shatter every barrier
that exists between God and people. To unite and not divide.

In The End of Religion, Cavey shares that relationship has no room for
religion. Believers and seekers alike will discover anew the wondrous
promise found in our savior. And Christ's eternal call to walk in love and
freedom will resonate with readers of all ages and denominations.
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