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Giveaway: 4 Tickets to the 'To Have and To Hold' Online Marriage Conference

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

from this day forward
for better or worse
for richer or poorer
in sickness and health
to love and cherish
as long as we both shall live

So they are no longer two, but ONE FLESH.
Therefore what God has joined together,
~ Matthew 19:6 NIV

Empowering Christian Women is excited to partner with
Ashley and Chelsey from At the Well to bring you this amazing giveaway for
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Visit FAQ's to learn more about online conferences.

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Just leave a comment on this post telling me...

'what is the one thing that God has been teaching you
 most through your marriage?'

Giveaway ends:
Saturday, October 29th, 2011 at noon (MST)

4 winners will be chosen
*  Please remember to include your email address,
so I have a way of contacting you if you win!

Can't wait to read your comments!!!

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Savannahhutchinson1208 said...

God has taught me to really rely on him for change in my spouse. I am married to an unbeliever so it has been quite an adventure. The 2 orders God has given me in my situation is 1.love my spouse unconditionally, 2. pray for him. The increase, the change, even his salvation is in Gods hands. Once I let go and let God I can say I have peace.

Amanda Smith said...

That the primary purpose.of my marriage is not to make me happy but to make me HOLY!

Jessica said...

Through my marriage, God has been teaching me submission.

Loretta said...

God has been teaching me that I have been placing my relationship with my husband before my relationship with him. I realize that the struggles lessen in my marriage when I deepen my relationship with God through Christ my savior. It has only taken 26 years of marriage for my lights to start coming on! God may not give instant answers but the more I open up to him, the clearer his direction becomes.

:) DM said...

I have learned to pray more for my spouse and Respect and submit to him...He loves the Lord and I am blessed he leads me and our 4 young children in learning more about Christ :)

Kelly said...

That I am not my husbands Holy Spirit.

Martha Bush said...

The thing or word that I have been hearing from God to do is: "Waltz with me." By that I mean, whatever step I tell you to take at a particular time, waltz with me, and leave the rest to me." As of this writing, it is waltz with me and respect.