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Never Give Up ~ For Christ

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Never Give Up—For Christ
By Patricia Raybon

Perseverance is no joke. No walk around the park. It’s just flat-out hard. Why? We’re not bees. Or ants. Or dogs pulling sleds. Or salmon swimming upstream. These creatures and critters persevere by instinct—without thinking.

But, as women, we have to think and choose. So did Christian heroes—Tyndale, Wycliffe, Elliot, Tubman, Muller and more—have to decide by intention to take on the cause of Christ. Then stick with it.

Life handed these ordinary believers situations, but they didn’t fall and faint. They got up and hung on, determined to outlast difficult. And you and I can, too. Today, in fact, we can.

How? Consider Christ. In our own strength, that is, we may not feel like keeping our eyes on Jesus—“on whom our faith depends from start to finish,” says Hebrews 12:2. But think about all He endured. On hard days, seeing all the reasons to give up and give out—on ourselves, our loved ones, our friends, our church, our business, our Lord—look instead at Jesus. Look to Him to do more in us. Why? He endured more. Looking to Him, we’ll endure more, too. For His people. For His Kingdom. All for Him. Pressing on.

Patricia Raybon writes faith-building, life-changing books that help people heal.
Learn more at her website, www.patriciaraybon.com

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The devotional you provided is perfect for my faithful friends!

moving FORWARD with CHRIST!!

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