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31 Days of Depression

Monday, November 21, 2011

Depression has many faces and many symptoms...
and it will affect everyone at some point in their lives.

You may be experiencing depression yourself;
or you may know someone who is.

Recently I came across a new series entitled 31 Days of Depression
 wriiten by Melinda Todd from Trailing After God.

In 31 Days of Depression, Melinda shares exactly what depression is, healthy ways to combat the darkness and she also openly shares about  her own personal testimony of how depression has affected her life.

Day 1:  Warning!  I Don't Care!

Day 2:  Step Out of Yourself

Day 3:  Prepare for the Journey

Day 4:  Can I Be Depressed and a Christian?

Day 5:  Give Up

Day 6:  Get Lost

Day 7:  Worship

Day 8:  Laugh

Day 9:  Reach Out

Day 10:  Journal the Journey

Day 11:  Read

Day 12:  Guard Your Self

Day 13:  Tune It Around

Day 14:  Baby Steps to Joy

Day 15:  Be Thankful Then Act

Day 16:  Escape With Friends

Day 17:  Learn Something New or Do Something Old

Day 18:  Encourage Someone Else

Day 19:  Monitor Who You Fellowship With

Day 20:  Get a Mentor

Day 21:  Don't Give in to the Mean Girl

Day 22:  Set Boundaries

Day 23:  Counter the Lies with Truth

Day 24:  Get into a Community

Day 25:  Move It!

Day 26:  Get Physical

Day 27:  Natural Help for Depression

Day 28:  Dear Mel Vol. 27

Day 29:  Seasons of Depression

Day 30:  Deal With Your Past

Day 31:  Dealing with Depression

What I liked most about this series is that Melinda spreads the information out over 31 days.
She gives you a topic to chew on, as well as time to implement what she has shared.

The advice is generic and may not be for everyone...and,
it is NOT intended to be professional or medical advice.

Her goal was to provide you with some tools for the battle;
and I believe she has done just that!!!

Visit 31 Days of Depression to be encouraged!!!

(c)  Trailing After God - http://melindatodd.com/


Mel said...

Wow, what an honor to be featured here today :) Thank you very much for sharing! Depression is a topic near and dear to my heart!

Karla Meachem said...

Your series is exceptional & it was my pleasure to share...it is a REAL source of HOPE for those walking through despair and depression.

Thanks again for taking the time to develop the series. I know many will find it beneficial.