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Goals and Priorities Diary ~ Limited Time Offer

Thursday, November 24, 2011

regular price - $29

And you can SAVE 20% off everything in their store!


It contains Monthly Goals Planners that guide you to set and plan your goals for the month, Daily Priorities Planners that help you focus each day on your top priorities first, plus Goals Lists for the current and next year, and a record of Goals Achieved And Rewards.

It’s a simple but powerful approach that helps you to spend your time where it counts most, and to have more time for the goals that genuinely matter to you.

The Goals and Priorities Diary is FULLY INTERACTIVE – you can type, save, search and edit. Save it to your desktop so you’ll be reminded every morning to open it up and get to work on your goals and priorities. You can even view your Goals and Priorities Diary from your iPhone or iPad.

Or print it out and write in it, if you enjoy the feel of using pen and paper.

Organize Your Life. Achieve Your Goals. Be Your Best.

If you want 2012 to be your MOST productive and organized year yet;
you NEED to pick up the Goals and Priorities Diary 2012.

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It's worth checking out!!!
All the details are at the link...let me know if you pick up a copy!!!

I've already purchased mine; looking forward to printing it out
and starting to plan for next year!

~ Karla Meachem

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