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FREE Kindle Edition ~ 'How to Make Your Blog the Centerpiece of Your Business'

Friday, December 09, 2011

FREE Kindle Edition

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How to Make Your Blog the Centerpiece of Your Business

Your Blog is Your Home Base

Though they had been around for many years, blogs burst on the scene as a hot marketing tool around 2003 when marketers discovered easy-to-use blogging platforms like Blogger, TypePad, and WordPress.

However, just because anyone can set up a blog it doesn’t mean everyone should. Many professionals and businesses start blogging without giving any thought to why they’re doing it, and without thinking about how they’ll keep it up and who will be doing the blogging.

Over 50% of blogs are abandoned within the first 90 days. While this isn’t really important if you're writing a personal diary or a political or celebrity blog, it is very important if you start a blog for your business and don’t keep posting on it consistently and with purpose.

In this ebook by Denise Wakeman you will learn:

• Why a blog is an essential foundation for your online business
• 10 key steps you must take before you create your business blog
• How to create effective content that moves your readers to action
• How to boost your visibility and create a powerful online presence
• How to use social networking to drive more people back to your blog
• 14 Attention-Grabbing Tactics for Launching a New Business Blog

You'll also get free instant access to a 5-part video course on how to get the best out of your blog.

More information about Denise Wakeman, business blogging and how to build your visibility on the web at http://DeniseWakeman.com
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