Sow Love...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sow Love ~ posted by Lyn McSweeney

Sow LOVE the seed of life

Sow LOVE to all in sight

Sowing LOVE is the thing to do

Sowing the seeds of LOVE me and you

The seeds of LOVE grow tall and strong

They show people where they belong

The seeds of LOVE from Jesus the tree

The seeds of LOVE in you and me

Sow LOVE around the earth

From seeds of LOVE we see new birth

The birth of the Kingdom… Gods kingdom it is here

Hark to his Spirit have an ear

To sow LOVE is why we are here

To sow LOVE is to never sow seeds of fear

Sowers are special they share our Fathers heart

They walk daily with him from him they don’t depart

They walk the path that Jesus paved

When he died and was risen from the grave

Sow LOVE so the garden will grow

Sow LOVE so the people will know

JESUS is the way the truth the life

Sow LOVE, for LOVE is the precious seed of life

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