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FREE Kindle Edition ~ 'Beyond the Veil: A Meditation in Psalms'

Monday, January 23, 2012

FREE Kindle Edition

* Limited Time Offer

Do you know who God designed you to be? You can go throughout life gaining success by the world’s standards or you can discover God’s divine purpose for your life. If you commit to developing an intimate relationship with God, He will speak to you and give you the road map you need to make it through life’s journey the right way. In Beyond the Veil, you will learn key lessons that will help you grow in your walk with God and ultimately hear his voice. Don’t let the enemy trick you into thinking that you will never have more. God wants to pour out his abundant blessings in your life. With Christ’s shed blood, He destroyed the old covenant and gave us direct access to God. If you desire, you can go beyond the veil and discover the person that you were destined to be.
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