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FREE Kindle Edition~ 'Forgiveness Formula: Finding Lasting Freedom in Christ'

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

FREE Kindle Edition

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Sometimes life doesn't seem to make sense or "add up" in our math. We have life circumstances that make us question whether we can truly have a full life. Divorce. Death. Sickness. Financial losses.

And life doesn't seem fair.

Whatever your circumstances, we believe every reader can benefit from what we share in these pages, whether you've endured varying levels of pain or struggle in your own life or you know someone who has.

It's our prayer that God uses this book as a tool to bring healing, hope and a newfound freedom to people from all walks of life. Maybe you've been searching for that formula that will help you make sense of your life.

Come join us as we explore the Mathematics of Jesus and His Forgiveness Formula. Find out how Jesus is and always will be the greatest mathematician, in that He knows what truly adds up to a full life.

"Unlike so many Christian authors, CJ and Shelley Hitz write like real people...who are both willing and able to help." --Bart Campolo, Founder Mission Year

"Tragedy to triumph? Grief to gratitude? Shelley & CJ's touching transparency fleshed out to me "It's possible! There is hope!" -- Drake Mariani, Founder MemLok.com
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