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FREE Kindle Edition ~ 'Moses: Steps to a Life of Faith'

Monday, January 28, 2013

FREE Kindle Edition

* Limited Time Offer

This book traces some of the significant events of Moses' life showing how God used an ordinary man and shaped the events of his life to bring him to the place where he could be mightily used to accomplish God's purposes. This book is about how God built faith into a man.

God is a dreamer. One day he had a dream, and he thought to himself…who will I get to fulfill this dream? Then he made you. He created you to fulfill a dream. You are made for a purpose. This book is about knowing God's dream for your life and believing him to accomplish it in you. This book could be the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to you. To enter into God's plan for your life is to become the person he made you to be, and to finally find the fulfillment and joy that you have been seeking your whole life.
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Chari said...

Yay! Thanks so much for sharing this great gift! Will share with my fans!

Stop by anytime and be inspired!



Karla Meachem said...

You're welcome! Glad to hear you are enJOYing the freebies!

I'm really looking forward to reading this one.

I'll stop by for a visit soon> :)