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FREE Kindle Edition ~ 'Surviving the Wilderness'

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

FREE Kindle Edition

* Limited Time Offer

Every true Christian has a calling from Almighty God to minister in some great capacity! This dynamic book birthed out of a life of prayer and perseverance will show you different levels of a true servant's heart and life, both from the Bible and from experience! It will reveal to you how to identify your special place in the Kingdom; and stay strong during your wilderness-seasons. You will also receive great insight about what God requires from someone who desires to become one of His choice servants! In this revelatory book, you will find truths for empowerment, solace, deliverance, and restoration for any ministry the enemy sought out as a good place to attack! It is never too late to conquer territories and kingdoms! Receive new strength and impact revelation from God as you read through the pages of Surviving The Wilderness On The Way To Your Destiny! Amen!
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