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iChoose2 Love My Life: Week 1

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Are you ready to move from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Are you ready to Live a Life You Love.

Then it`s time to...
Shift from surviving to THRIVING

Move from Ordinary to Extraordinary. Live a Life You Love. For years you've longed for something that would jumpstart your journey toward living a life you really love. Finally, here's the motivation you need! This is a book written by a dedicated team of women who have a heart for helping others shift from surviving to thriving. Through this one-year journey, we want you to experience a life: Without regrets Where you intentionally invest in yourself Full of joy, purpose, and love Where you aren't just existing, but instead, living your legacy This book will be your adventure guide for the next year. Throughout the year you will make small changes at a determined and steady pace. You will be transformed. And, our iBloom team of life coaches will be here to inspire and motivate you through each step of your journey. There is power in this little book and a whole lot of potential in you that is just waiting to get out! Are you ready to move from ordinary to extraordinary? Join us on this life changing journey and begin living a life you really love!
Ready to JUMPSTART your journey

Let`s get started!!!

After you watch the above video, head on over to iChoose2 Love My Life:  Week 1
and leave a comment sharing what you`ll be celebrating one year from today.


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See you next week for Week 2 - helping YOU design a life you love -

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Lorayne said...

A successful Entrepreneur Designing and Creating Christian Tools that propel us forward, Married, loved & in Love,” Owe no man anything but to love him”, A place for everything and everything in its place."... There are higher heights there are deeper seas, whatever you need to do Lord, do in me!" (That song rose up in me.) Now, I have no particular preference as to the order but this is my short list and most important list.

Karla Meachem said...

Love your list!

Everyone is welcome to share their assignments on ECW too; but please remember to share your list at iBloom as well:


iBloom is the sponsor of this amazing year long journey! Their coaches are ready to encourage, equip and empower you on your journey of intentional living.

Who else is ready for change?

See YOU there!!!