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The Only Bible Some May Read

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Only Bible Some May Read

by Steve Ackermann

The Bible is God’s given Word.
It’s often read. It’s often heard.
It’s there, for us. Lord knows we need it.
Yet many people just won’t read it.

The only Bible many see
Is what it’s done to you and me.
How our lives have been affected.
Proof of us, and God, connected.

How quickly we wander towards distractions.
Our Words mean nothing without our actions.
People watch us very closely.
For any sin! The smallest dose!

That’s why we have to have firm roots.
Take off our weathered, sinful boots.
Start walking down the paths we choose.
In Holy, Saintly, Christian shoes.

We can’t say one thing, do another.
We have to focus on our brother.
But even more, the Christ that died.
God’s hand was present! Not Jesus‘ pride!

With that, I think you must agree.
The only Bible some will see.
Is the one that’s written on our face.
Proof of the Savior’s promised grace.

The world’s a stage. We have our mission.
To walk, talk and act like a Christian.
There shouldn’t be a lot of bending.
Unless, of course, you’re just pretending.

This role should be our heart’s delight.
To serve our Lord, with all of our might.
As heirs to his kingdom, let’s act that way.
So He can be proud, and proclaimed each day.

There’re many who won’t read God’s book.
Yet, we can make them take a look.
Keep in mind this dire need.
You’re the only Bible that they may read.

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