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FREE Kindle Edition ~ 'When a Mother Follows Christ'

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

FREE Kindle Edition

* Limited Time Offer

What will it take to raise kids who love God? Have you ever wondered how you can train your children so they want to obey? Have you ever pondered how you can prevent your kids from resisting a relationship with you as they get older? In When a Mother Follows Christ, Katie Hoffman reveals the biblical principles of raising kids to follow Christ. While no one can make perfect kids, it's easy to have great kids who will bring you delight and not shame as they grow older. Learn how to develop godly character in your children, be an example for them to follow, and how a few simple, easy changes can make a huge difference in your children's attitudes and actions.

You will learn:

*How to teach your children to willingly do what you ask the first time-which will reduce anger and frustration

*What the Bible says is key to raising kids who will not bring you shame as they grow older

*How to actively train your children so they are a source of delight to you and others

*How to be an example for your children to follow

*Why character is key to preventing sibling rivalry, and how you can develop godly character in your children

*How to be connected to your children so they will want to do what you say, even as they grow up

*Practical ways to stop sibling rivalry in its tracks

*One easy way to keep your kids out of trouble

*The one thing that will keep your kids from resisting you when you try to train them

*The very simple, very easy thing I do that completely changes the atmosphere of our home

*How changing one thing made a huge difference in the way my children treat me and others-which makes them much more attentive and respectful

*How to teach your children the most important thing they will ever learn-how to have a relationship with Jesus as their Savior
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