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It's Not About Me

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It’s Not About Me

Take all that I am Lord
All that I have ever been through,
Use every bit of it Lord to bring honor to You.
Take every incident the good and the bad,
Every experience the joyful and the sad.

Take every lesson in life that I’ve ever learned,
Every blessing bestowed, secured, or earned.
Take everything I’ve ever felt, said, or done,
Mixing it all together till it becomes one.

Blending it smoothly like batter in a mixing bowl,
Combining it all together until it becomes whole.
For I am the sum total of everything I have ever been through,
And only when properly blended together can I serve You!

So forgive me Father if I balk or complain,
Help me to stand firm in Jesus’ name.
Help me to hang on and not fail You in the slightest way,
Help me to fulfill my destiny by surviving today.

Help me to remember the things
I am going through now,
May encourage another somehow.
Help me I pray to keep my mind on Thee,
Remembering always it’s not about me!

(c)  August 30, 2011 ~ Barbara Philbrook


Jen said...

Powerful poem! So my prayer today also. I think I will print this and put it on my refrigerator to read and remember! These words are a blessing today. Thank you!

Karla Meachem said...

Hi Jen,

You're right, it would make a great prayer!

SO glad you were blessed!

Thanks for sharing your heart!