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What Has Become of the Proverbs Woman?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Where Is She??

What has become of the Proverbs Woman?
The wife, the mother?
The helper, the keeper?
The backbone of families?
Oh, how we still need her!

Where are the women
Who mended, and tended
Who cooked, and baked daily
(the food never ended)
Brought family together
For packed Sunday dinners
With aunts, sisters, and cousins
Around to assist her

She fed us until our bellies ached
With homemade cookies
And pies and cakes
Bring back Betty Crocker
(oh, man how we ate)
could make a SPAM taste just like sirloin steak!
Where is she now?

Where’s the Original Superwoman?
Where’s she gone? We need to know
She used to make our house a home
She could budget her pennies
Keep us all in style
Make a dollar last a month
And stretch a mile
And we never even knew about her trials
‘Cuz she hid her tears behind her smiles
And during the day
Whether sun or rain
She sent us to go outside and PLAY
(and we’d obey, without delay)
Where are these real ladies hiding today?
Are they gone away?

Where have the Virtuous women gone?
They demanded respect of every one
Didn’t sleep till all the work was done
And her husband was proud to call her The One
And when we cried,
She dried our eyes
She bandaged cut knees and scraped up thighs.
Where is she now?
This woman today?
With just ONE LOOK
We knew our place.
She walked in beauty, style and grace
Even with no make up on her face.

She fed the hungry
Helped the sick
If you cross her, though, go and get the switch!
Where has she gone? We need her home!
Without her, we feel so alone.

Where are the true mothers?
The ones who’s arms
Could protect us from danger,
and keep us from harm?
She helped us with homework,
Defended our fights,
When things were all wrong
She helped make it right.
Where is she now?

When the men were away
She kept families together
On her knees she would pray
(Whenever, wherever)
And when things would get tough
She would sing songs of praise
To the Good Lord above
And her warm smile would help us
To get through the bad days.
And her hugs and her kisses
Healed like sun’s shining rays

Why is she missing in this day and age?

And what happened to Grandmas we used to know?
They knew when to love, to hug, and to scold
They carried wisdom of generations of old
When they talked, we listened
Knowledge worth more than gold
But today all our grandmas
Are 30 years old

Where’s a REAL woman at?
She’s so needed, we say!
In these times of ‘little girls’
Playing dress up today
They pretend to be women
But can’t handle the stress
They don’t cook, they don’t clean,
And their lives are a mess
They cave in and quit
When the going gets tough
When they have a good man
They say “he’s not enough”
They search for the ‘bling’
They desire a ‘thug’
They toss aside good guys
Yet they wonder, “Where’s love?”

Their houses are dirty
Their kids running wild
And you’ll find them
In the club- minidress, weave, and smile
“Droppin it like it’s hot”
While their kids feel the burn
Bringing home every man who desires a turn
Thinking always tonight that she’s found a real ‘winner’
While her kids eat cereal, and T.V. Dinner

For her KIDS… B.E.T is Mommy and Dad
They are looking for love, so they follow a fad
They eat fast food, and never a homemade pie,
They play on the WEB instead of outside
They take Ritalin, and anti-depressants to cope
And when they are lonely, they drink and they smoke
No one brings them to church, no one prays for their souls,
They experiment with danger, and lust takes control
We can’t be surprised when they kill and they die
In a world where a granny is just 35.

So, where are the real women?
The strong, and proud Queens
Will you come out of hiding
Show them all who you be
Your husbands and children need you to see
That you are the lifeline- the root of the tree
When will you open your eyes and see
That you are the pillar of the community?
Without you we crumble, we stumble as blind
The darkness takes over while you run and hide

A good woman is like rubies,
As rare as a pearl

Has she now been replaced by the VIDEO GIRL?

By Myckelle Williams

Copywrite 2008

Shared with Permission ~ Thank you, B.L.O.G. Magazine

Go check it out!!!

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Daphne said...

This blog is so powerful. It is so sad but true. The writer has gathered together all the issues we now face and brought it to the forefront. This blog needs to be circulated to every woman.