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FREE Kindle Edition ~ 'Successfully Raising Grandchildren'

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

FREE Kindle Edition

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While sitting at a local coffee shop in our city, I began thinking about how grateful I am to have been blessed with the family that God has given me. While my wife, Brenda, and I were raising our three sons, Kevin Jr., Keith and Kenneth, we never did think we would have the blessing of seeing our grandchildren. After all, my youngest son, Kenneth, just recently graduated from high school. We thought that after our three boys were grown, we would be finished with raising or helping to raise children. However we quickly discovered that after you have raised your children, you must also help to successfully raise your grandchildren. Many of the same principles in good parenting apply to good grandparenting, and this book will help you work out the differences, and successfully raise your grandchildren for God's glory. --Kevin D. Barnes, Sr. and Brenda Barnes
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