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The Truth of His Promises ~ Where Deep Meets Deep

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Where Deep Meets Deep

We are the objects of Christ's affection and yet 
our self-loathing causes us to reject His offering of love. 

He bestows upon us the gifts of God's grace and His mercy 
yet only some are willing to receive them. 

We are endowed with new hearts 
yet many are unwilling to let go of the old. 

We are promised joy that comes from within 
and peace that surpasses understanding, 
yet many cannot let go of past anger and hatred 
from or the worries of tomorrow. 

To meet Him on His terms we must be willing
 to come to the place where the deep meets the deep. 

All inhibitions are set aside as we turn away 
from the mirrors that we use to define self. 

He is the Beginning and the End, not just of the universe, 
but of the longing that comes from deep within our souls.

Once we are willing to receive what has been given to us
 our lives are sure to change. 

We realize for ourselves the truth of His promises 
and our hearts cry out in thanksgiving! 

Have you realized these gifts? 

They are freely given to ALL. 
We must simply receive.

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