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Between a Rock and a Hard Place?

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Life is hard...no doubt about it.

And sometimes we can feel like we are caught
 between a rock and a hard place.


Do you need to find grace
in the middle of a hopeless situation?

Listen to this heart wrenching interview from Grace Cafe with Carol Kent,
as she shares her testimony about finding grace in a hopeless situation.

Carol's book, Between a Rock and a Grace Place,
will bring you on a journey of restoration and hope.

When facing life's most difficult situations,
 God has surprising gifts for us  ~  grace, mercy and forgiveness.

Carol's book is a call to action for anyone who has known the power of healing
 and a balm for those who are suffering right now.

Carol's website: http://www.CarolKent.org

Twitter: @CarolKentSpeaks

(c)  Grace Cafe  ~  http://www.facebook.com/GraceCafe

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