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FREE Kindle Edition ~ 'Arresting Grace'

Thursday, May 03, 2012

FREE Kindle Edition

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Michael Green expected many things from his 38th year: to redeem a failed acting/music/writing career, to build upon friendships and church relationships, and most of all, to finally meet someone. He’d been looking—and waiting—a long time.

What he didn’t expect was to get arrested for a DUI, driving home from a church dinner. That changed everything.

It was a shame, too. Two weeks earlier, he had met someone.

"Arresting Grace" is the story of Michael Green’s DUI arrest, as well as his long distance relationship with Jessie, a charming woman from the Bay Area. Thoughtfully written and raw, with unflinching honesty, Arresting Grace recalls such works as Donald Miller’s "Blue Like Jazz" and Anne LaMott’s "Grace (Eventually)". A man searches for answers most earnestly when he’s brought low. This is the story of a man, fallen lower than imaginable, searching for God in the midst…and finding grace in the most unexpected places.

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