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FREE Kindle Edition ~ 'Frazzled Moms' Devotions to Go'

Saturday, May 05, 2012

FREE Kindle Edition

* Limited Time Offer

Frazzled Moms' Devotions To Go covers all the “mommy types.” From scripture meditations and devotions to activities to build their relationship with God, their family and friends, and the stranger in the mirror, this devotional will touch mothers of all ages.

Frazzled Moms touches on real issues with laughter and encouragement. It leaves the reader enlightened and feeling God’s presence and peace. The prayer for each day is an example of real prayers. Not flowery ones that you find in most devotionals. This shows the readers that they can speak with God in their own voice; there is not a special way to speak with God, just be that child that He calls for. This devotional is unique compared to the others because it reaches all types of moms, with all types of needs.
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