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FREE Kindle Edition ~ 'Tough Times'

Monday, May 14, 2012

FREE Kindle Edition

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God wants us to accept that we will face pain in our life but it does not have to rob us of our joy. Read the statement below and ask yourself, “Is this really a possibility in my own life?”
God desires to take us to the heavenly realms where He fights our battles leaving us free to live an abundant life, one of joy, peace, excitement and anticipation.

Share your struggles with God, surrender them to Him and ask Him to display His power through your weaknesses. Learn how to use those weaknesses and struggles and the pain you have experienced for your good and His glory. You no longer have to carry the pain and disappointment they have caused you.

Don’t Be Surprised!
From Where Did This World’s Suffering Arrive?
Others Have Suffered Greatly
For Some Life Doesn’t Seem Fair
Leave the “Whys” to God
God Will Meet You in Some Strange and Unexpected Places
God Knows Everything About You
We are Wonderfully Made by God
More, More is Never Enough!
Have You Every Envied Someone Else?
Our Hope Lies in Jesus
We will be Victorious
The Spirit Gives Life
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