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10 Simple Ways to Use Your Expert Knowledge

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The answer is YES. You are an expert and you need to recognize that. We get caught up in looking at the areas that we need to improve and don’t see what is right in front of us. This is the “grass is always greener” concept and for us as entrepreneurs, it is also the “shiny object” syndrome”. I mistakenly think I need what you HAVE or what you KNOW in order to succeed. Well that at GARBAGE!! You have knowledge, training, skills, education, and life experiences. Stop talking and start doing. Use what God has given you.

What is an expert? According to the FreeDictionary.com an expert is a person with a high degree of skill in or knowledge of a certain subject.

Here are 10 simple ways to use your expert knowledge to build your business:

1.  Speak it. This could be on a stage of 50 or 500. This might be at a networking event where you have 30 seconds to introduce yourself. Or this could be in a group of 5 women which is one of the ways I got started. When I moved to Wichita Falls, TX in 2006, I found the networking scene to need a little help, so I connected with 2 other women and we started our own Women’s Networking Lunch. I had only been here for 3 months and it worked, one person invited another and so on. We have been going for 6 years now. Be willing to step out and do something new.

2.  Write it. This could be in your weekly blog, your ebook, your newsletter, or your book. Get your message out, share your journey, tell your story, give your perspective and then get that written word out to all people you come in contact with.

3.  Teach it. This could be to one other person sitting across from you at Starbucks or could be to the masses on a live webcast. This could be “how to train a dog”, “ways to increase your confidence”, or “how to create a hand-stamped necklace”. Teach your followers how you “do what you do”.

4.  Duplicate it. This could be the manual you create on success tips that can be taught to 10 people on a group tele-course instead of meeting with one person. Figure out ways to reach more people by increasing the number of people that you can share your information with virtually. Allow them to listen when they can or to go at their own pace. This is exactly what we do at the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs with all of our calls and webinars recorded and archived for the past 2.5 years.

5.  Broadcast it. This might be on the free online radio show that you create. I found out about BlogTalkRadio in 2008 and got started right away featuring other coaches and clients. Find your voice and share online with a live broadcast. Go check out all of my archived and current interviews at www.inspiredwomenradio.com.

6.  Record it. This could be on your very own TV network such as Youtube or Vimeo. I now have over 100 videos and adding more each week. Don’t worry, it gets easier the more practice you have. (If you don’t believe me, go see some of my earlier recordings.) I have someone come and help me to record my videos and I often record 6 in a 60 minute period now of short tutorials and inspirational messages. Check it out at www.inspiredwomentv.com

7.  Share it. This could be you being interviewed for a local newspaper or by a colleague on their radio show. Say Yes to any and all features and interviews that can get you in front of a new group or crowd. Share your message.

8.  Post it. This is our fabulous free friend social media. Post your expert info, tweet your knowledge tips, link your words of wisdom and pin your visual images that help us to understand it all! Link your expert info back to your blog and/or website so you can get me to come over and visit you there.

9.  Sell it. Take any of these ways that I have just listed and make it into a product. Record the interview and sell it. Write the ebook and bundle that for sale along with a video tutorial. Teach the class as an online workshop.

10.  Be it. Remember that you are YOU and God has given you a unique set of gifts, experiences, knowledge that no one else has. Trust Him and allow his plan to unfold. Be willing to be vulnerable. You will end up being an expert in things that you did not ever anticipate as a part of your life journey. I can now claim that I am an expert in divorce survival, infertility, lawsuit, plane crash survival, and more. Share your story. Be YOU!

The bottom line is……DO IT. Look at this list of 10 and figure out ways to do it (share your expert information) that works for you, and you go from there. It won’t be perfect. Get it out there anyway. If I am not an expert in your topic, how would I ever know?

Diane Cunningham is the Founder and President of the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs. She is a “business therapist”, plane crash survivor, author, consultant, speaker, marathon runner, and fun friend.
Find out more about NACWE and why 165 women joined in the first year at www.nacwe.org. Connect with Diane atwww.facebook.com/DianeCunningham for fun updates, silly videos, and lively conversation.
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