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Faith, Hunger and Jesus ~ End Global Hunger

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Faith, Hunger and Jesus
Churches Can Help Bring End to Global Hunger

In his book, The Last Hunger Season: A Year in an African Farm Community On the Brink of Change (Public Affairs Books, 2012) award-winning author and global hunger activist Roger Thurow explores the annual plight of the hunger season, chronicling the profound challenges faced by four Kenyan farmers as they endeavor to escape the poverty to which time-worn and traditional planting methods have held them bound. With the assistance of a social enterprise called One Acre Fund that offers financing for quality seeds, fertilizers, tools and training, the farmers view the year as an exodus that will lift them from the Egypt of misery into the Canaan land of milk and honey.

Oddly enough, the plight of Africa’s hungry is a topic Thurow never considered until a few short years ago. For the bulk of his writing career, he was a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, two thirds of that time spent as a foreign correspondent in Europe and Africa. “Up until about ten years ago,” he explains, “I hadn’t really done much reporting on hunger issues. Hunger was a kind of background noise until the Ethiopian famine in 2003. On my first day in Ethiopia, I was meeting with the World Food Program to get background information and was given a piece of advice – a warning of sorts – that changed my life. I was told that ‘looking into the eyes of someone dying of hunger becomes a disease of the soul.’”

The next day, as Thurow entered into the hunger zone for the first time and began looking into the eyes of those who were dying, the real meaning of that warning hit home. “I began to ask questions - wanting to know why this was happening ––how this was happening — in the twenty-first century,” he recalls, “and suddenly all other stories began paling in comparison. It wasn’t just what I was seeing all around me, but the things and the beliefs I had grown up with, the memories from my childhood when I was taught that Jesus expected us to feed the hungry and care for the afflicted.

In The Last Hunger Season, Thurow exposes us to the daily drama of these farmers’ lives, allowing us to witness the development of the solution to a looming global challenge. If these four farmers and the others like them succeed, it is quite possible that so will we all.

To learn more about The Last Hunger Season 
and the documentary film it inspired,
The ONE Campaign with Roger Thurow produced a series of materials to help guide Churches through issues surrounding hunger in Africa (the paradox of the 'hungry farmer', food aid, agricultural development for smallholder farmers, etc.) and the implications this has for people of faith. These materials are for churches that want to devote a service to the issue (bulletin inserts, sermon starters, suggested hymns, children's activities) as well as a 6 week, in-depth guide accompanying the book, 'The Last Hunger Season', suitable for an adult-led class or small group. Incorporating biblical texts and principles as well as elements from the up-coming documentary, the guide is designed to encourage discussion and to deepen the participants understanding of how these issues are directly relevant to each of us. For more information contact rebecca@claphamgroup.com

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