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FREE Kindle Edition ~ 'Countering the Devil's Playbook'

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

FREE Kindle Edition

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Countering The Devil’s Playbook is Satan’s game playbook exposed – and when you know your opponent’s game plan, you can easily defeat him. The text is a modern English paraphrase of Thomas Brook’s classic work “Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices,” published in 1652. There’s never been a better or more practical book on this subject – but the writing style has been a challenge to read. Here for the first time is an easy-to-read version for modern audiences.

You won’t be fooled or tricked by Satan when you learn:
- The 12 ways Satan tries to draw you into sin – and 64 counter remedies
- The 8 ways Satan tries to keep you from living a godly life and 43 counter remedies
- The 8 ways Satan tries to keep you sad, doubting, and fearful and 36 counter remedies
- The 24 strategies Satan tailors against men, women, and children in every social situation and 54 counter remedies
- The 7 characteristics of false teachers
- The 10 most effective guidelines that will keep you from being trapped and destroyed in Satan’s snares

“Puritans did not view the road to holiness as foggy and unmapped. They took a very practical approach and expected that believers be alert, energetic, and thinking on their faith journey. This is a refreshing view when contrasted with much of modern spiritual books.

Countering the Devil's Playbook details the strategies, ruses, falsehoods and deceptions used by Satan; then it provides the counter-attacks we should use in very practical ways.” (from the Foreword by Lane Arthur)
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