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FREE Kindle Edition ~ 'The Hard Way'

Monday, October 08, 2012

FREE Kindle Edition

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I had to learn the hard way. You don't have to! My life sucks! Will things ever get any better? There is no way out of this. For years of my life, I constantly thought and said these things. When I reached my lowest point of desperation, I was a "garbage head," willing to consume any drug, deep into cocaine addiction, and plagued with depression and anger from which I could not break free. I wished for death because that seemed to be the only way to escape the pain permanently.

After a failed suicide attempt, I ended up in a padded cell with "God is Fake" scratched into the wall by a previous occupant. I had hit rock bottom with a crash. That is where I found God and began my journey out. The book you are now holding, The Hard Way, is the one I wish I'd had when my rut was the deepest and my nights were the blackest.

Whether you've been where I've been, are headed there, or even gotten out, you will find in these pages inspiration, hope, and a proven pathway out of the rut you've been living in. Don't go through the pain of the hard way. Leave your rut behind and live your dreams. Your life is a legacy that will impact generations. Read this book, The Hard Way, find new life... and live it.

Jeremy Donovan and his wife, Annie, serve as pastors at DestinyLifeChurch.tv where they oversee multi-campus youth ministries in Oklahoma. Jeremy is well-known as a national speaker, and is co-founder of The SOZO Movement - a ministry that spreads the Gospel through television and the Internet. Jeremy's unique approach guides people into healing from past wounds and sets them free from having to learn things the hard way. Connect with Jeremy through www.JeremyDonovan.me
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