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FREE Kindle Edition ~ 'Healing the Hurts of Your Past'

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

FREE Kindle Edition

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Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. We are our biggest critic. We doubt ourselves more than anyone else. Why is that? Why do we so often sabotage the success we long for? The answer, in a word, is shame.

Healing the Hurts of Your Past helps you discover the source of nagging hurts, habits and hang-ups in your life and connects the dots to your self-defeating behavior. It then offers a solid Christ-centered approach to find the freedom you've always wanted. This book is not a "feel-good" story but a "roll up your sleeves" look at the pain of shame and what to do about it. Questions are offered along the way to help you process the material at a deeper level.

Healing the Hurts of Your Past is a great first step before you seek out counseling or a companion once you start. It's refreshingly "real" without the typical psychological or religious jargon. A special appendix gives you forty scripture verses that directly address the pain of shame to help you retrain your mind in regard to how you view yourself.
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