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The 3 Things We Don’t Like to Admit as a Christian Woman and an Entrepreneur

Thursday, October 18, 2012

As a “good and Godly” business woman, there are a few things that I don’t want to admit. Of course, I want you to see the best in me, what I call the “glossy” version. But we all have a non-glossy too. We have the things we post on social media and the things we don’t. We have the feelings and the concerns that we don’t want to say out loud, even to our best friends. From what I have seen, there are 3 things we are all trying to manage and they are jealousy, judgment, and justification.

With my former career being as a Mental Health Therapist, I also know that if we can start to talk about them, then we will not be held hostage by them.

So let’s discuss them here and lay some things on the table.

#1 is Jealousy. I must admit that I felt the gut wrenching green-ness of jealousy a few times lately. Both times were with women that I love and admire. Successful women who are my friends. I heard about something they were doing or had done and I wondered “HOW?”, and then “Why not me?” I got off of the phone calls with each of these women and my first thought was….why can’t I do that? What is wrong with me?

Remedy: Nothing is wrong with me. The more I get caught in that mindset, the less I do what God has called ME, and only ME, to do.

#2 is Judgement. I am appalled by the way we judge each other, and I stand as guilty as you do. I have seen this first hand and in full force within the ranks of outstanding women’s groups, full of God loving gals. We somehow find a way to make it seem like someone else's sin is worse than our sin. Or at least talking about it, makes us think less about ours. Maybe it is that we think if we judge her first, then she will not have the chance to judge us. Either way, it alienates the very women who we should be loving.

Remedy: Jesus taught us to love sinners, and to welcome them in. I have no right to stand in judgment of you. I need to take my own inventory and make my own amends. I have made mistakes today and so have you. The remedy for me is to admit mine and deal with them.

#3 is Justification. The next thing I see myself, and my dear sisters in Christ doing is just “good ol’ justification”. I can tell you all of my excuses as to why “this” didn’t work, or why I can’t start “that” new program. I can give you the reasons why no one would ever pay that much and how and why I am so very busy. I can talk and talk and talk, instead of doing something new, different or being willing to do the WORK!

Remedy: Stop talking and start doing. Make a choice. Say Yes or Say No. Stop being “vague” and “wishy-washy” because it does not sound good or look good.

Do you see yourself in any of the j’s? How do each of these hold you back from God’s big and mighty plan for your life and your business? I challenge you to recognize each of these as they arrive on your mind or coming out of your mouth in the following days and weeks.

All of the J’s harm you, rather than help you. In fact, I would be bold and say they are each a gift from the devil, a way to distract you…a way to keep you looking with contempt towards your sister in Christ. That keeps me from my focus on my future and the plans God needs me to fulfill. We must remember than our business is a gift from God. He gave it to each of us and we are the ones that must do the work that goes with it. Yes, I said the W word. If we don’t “work”, not much happens.

You are ENOUGH! Go do what God has called you to do.

Diane Cunningham is the Founder and President of the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs. She is a “business therapist”, plane crash survivor, author, consultant, speaker, marathon runner, and fun friend.
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