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FREE Kindle Edition ~ '31 Keys to Possessing Your Promise'

Monday, December 31, 2012

FREE Kindle Edition

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God had given a promise to Abraham that his descendants would possess a vast land (see Genesis 12). As time passed, it began to seem less possible for the descendants of Abraham to receive their promised inheritance. They spent years in slavery in Egypt until God raised up Moses as a deliverer. As they journeyed from their place of bondage to their land of inheritance, it was necessary for them to defeat the armies that inhabited the land they had been promised to be given as their possession.

In Joshua we read that the children of Israel defeated thirty-one kings and in order to inherit their promise. From the names of those cities we will consider our own keys to inheriting God’s promise. From the definition of these cities we will draw out a thirty-one key devotional journey to our inheritance. Some of the keys will involve what we must overcome or gain victory over; other keys will be principles or characteristics that are important for us to embrace. Together we can discover and use the keys, enabling us to possess our promised inheritance.
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