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FREE Kindle Edition ~ 'Clean Eating'

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

FREE Kindle Edition

* Limited Time Offer

Brand spanking new for 2013 is Daisy Williams’ Eating Clean guide to clean recipes and a clean health diet plan. Brimming with tips and tricks for effortlessly performing a clean diet makeover, this handy Eating Clean Kindle guidebook breaks it all down for you so that selecting clean healthy food quickly becomes second nature.

Eating Clean is a lot like taking a best friend along with you to the supermarket; except that your best friend is now a clean eating diet expert and chef who steers you away from supermarket meat obtained from cows fed with unhealthy grains and from pesticide laden fruits and foods laden with unhealthy fillers and harmful chemicals. Did you know that popcorn can be unhealthy and possibly cancer-causing? Williams tells you why you should steer clear of certain cancer-connected methods of popping corn so that your next dish of popcorn is healthful instead of harmful.

Eating Clean is an indispensable overview of healthy clean eating that will set you on your way to purchasing the best equipment, produce and ingredients for creating clean healthy foods you’ll enjoy eating and sharing with family and friends. From shopping lists to plant-friendly weigh-conscious diet tips, this Kindle clean eating book acts as your nutritional guru; easily transforming your diet from fat-filled and processed to lean, green and clean.
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