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Teach Me to Number My Days

Friday, December 14, 2012

Every hour of the clock has a message:

1st HOUR

Tells me I only live once, so I appreciate life and my time right here on earth.

2nd HOUR

I have two parents that I should honor and love and obey.

3rd HOUR

Reminds me of the Triune God whom I should love and serve with my whole heart.

4th HOUR

Reminds me of the four winds and wherever I may go the Lord's compass
 (The Bible) needs to guide me in the right direction.

5th HOUR

Indicates the 5 fingers on each hand that I have to work 
to earn my bread honestly and serve the Lord.

6th HOUR

Reminds me that God created everything in 6 days.

7th HOUR

Reminds me that after God created everything 
He took time to rest on the the seventh day.

8th HOUR

Reminds me of the 8 souls who took refuge in Noah's Ark 
during the flood and when that I take refuge 
in Jesus will save me and give me shelter.

9th HOUR

Reminds me of the 9 lepers who did not go back to thank Jesus 
for healing them and urges me to be remember to be grateful f
or all the good things I received from His hand.

10th HOUR

Reminds me of 10 Virgins of which five were not ready 
when the bridegroom came
 and warns me not to be so foolish as they were.

11th HOUR

Reminds me of so many people who try to leave it 
to the eleventh hour to repent 
but do not know when their time is 
and it always urges me to be ready to meet the Lord.

12th HOUR

Reminds me that the Bridegroom is coming back for us 
and that we need to be ready

Each tick of the clock 
and each beat of the heart 
provides an opportunity. 

Lets be faithful and use the time available to us 
to faithfully serve the Lord in all that we do!

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~ Psalm 34:18

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